About Us

We’re adventurers, go-getters, and athletes. Just like you, we make an effort to push ourselves a little harder and a little further than everyone else. Our passions include biking, kite surfing, CrossFit, yoga, and snowboarding. For decades, we’ve been pursuing the best that life has to offer.

Part of that pursuit is the occasional speed bump. Soreness, bruising, injuries, and the general wear and tear of our bodies might run us off the road from time to time. But we’ve never given into it. We’ve always done whatever we could to Keep Moving.

Our go-to remedy has always been Arnica, a natural anti-inflammatory that comes from Mountain Daisies. It’s been used for millennia all over the world to reduce inflammation, fight pain, and speed up recovery.

The problem is that most Arnica balms and creams only contain about 6%-10% Arnica. They’re also loaded with unnecessary chemicals and preservatives which makes them smell awful. So we set out to craft a premium Arnica balm for us and for people like you.

Five years in the making, Muscle Butter USA is an all-natural recovery and relief balm that contains 60% Arnica, fair trade oils, and Vitamin E.

We have thousands of customers that have used Muscle Butter USA to heal after an injury, to mitigate soreness, to deal with chronic pain, and to fight inflammation. Our reviews have been outstanding. Customers love how effective it is and that it’s lightly scented with sacred sandalwood fair trade essential oils.

We’re proud to offer a product that can help everybody at some point in their life. We’re proud to be part of the reason that you Keep Moving.