What Are Fats?

In the 1980s, fat-free foods were all the hype, with doctors claiming that they lead to weight loss. Now we know that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fats are extremely important for your health and weight loss, and here’s why:

What are fats?

Fats are the way that your body stores energy. They are made up of molecules consisting of glycerol and fatty acids.

What are the different types of fats?

There are 3 types of fats: unsaturated, saturated, and trans.
Unsaturated fats keep our heart healthy. They can be found in foods like fish and olives.
Saturated fats can help increase our “good” cholesterol. They can be found in food like meat and cheese.
Trans fats can raise cholesterol levels and increase risk of heart disease. They can be found in foods like cookies.
Good fats are high in omega-3s, while bad fats are high in omega-6s.

Why do we need fat?

Good fats help:
-fuel the body
-absorb vitamins
-store energy
-produce hormones
-build cell membranes

What foods have “good” fats?

-olive oil, coconut oil
-chia seeds


Fats are super important to promote muscle gain and weight loss. Be sure to eat a lot of fat while exercising, and apply Muscle Butter USA to sore muscles for the ultimate workout.