The Best Sport Documentaries To Watch Now

We get it, you’re home and bored.

At Muscle Butter USA, we rounded up our favorite sports documentaries to motivate you to push harder:

  1. Icarus

    More like an action-thriller, this movie perfectly captures the world of performance-enhancing drugs.

  2. The Batter Bastards of Baseball

    A big part of 1970s baseball, this movie focuses on the Portland Mavericks and Bing Russel.

  3. Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

    This movie interviews some of Armstrong’s closest friends, and tells the story of his rise and ultimate downfall.

  4. The Carter Effect

    Focusing primarily on the life of Vince Carter, this film tells of his impact on the Toronto Raptors and Canadian basketball.

  5. Senna

    Ayrton Senna was a three-time Formula One racing champion and Brazilian Hero, and this movie focuses on his career and his rival’s career, Alain Prost.

  6. The Dawn Wall

    Tommy Caldwell, one of the best rock climbers ever, tells his story in this moving documentary.

  7. Iverson

    Focusing on the impact that Allen Iverson made in the NBA, this movie tells his career and his harsh critics.

  8. When We Were Kings

    This movie speaks of the historical match in Zaire between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

  9. Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals

    This documentary tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the NCAA.

  10. The Two Escobars

    If you like action, this one’s for you—full of sports, crime, and politics, this documentary explains the history behind the 1994 World Cup.

Some of these guys would have really benefited from using Muscle Butter USA. Just saying.