How To Prevent Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is pretty common, and is usually caused by working out, sitting at a desk or day, or heavy lifting. Applying Muscle Butter USA is super important to help relieve those sore muscles, and prevent further pain. Apply 1-3 times a day to quickly reduce inflammation and treat back and neck pain.

Other things you should consider—your sleeping position.

According to physical therapist Vinh Pham, you should give more consideration to your sleeping position, because it heavily impacts back and neck pain.

Here’s how to prevent back and neck pain while you sleep:

  1. The best sleeping position depends on your area of pain

    The “best” sleeping position will vary from person to person. Pham explains that if, for example, you have neck pain, the worst sleeping position would be to sleep on your stomach. This is because you have a preferential side when you’re rotated, and sleeping with your head turned to one side all night can be the cause of your neck pain.

    If you have lower back pain, sleeping on your back could actually make it worse. It puts your lower spine in a flexed position.

    Pham suggests sleeping on your side to avoid both of these problems.

  2. Consider your position throughout the day

    Basically, you want to sleep in the opposite position that you’re in during the day.

    Pham says that if you’re a boxer and you’re usually rotated to the left, or you’re a golfer and you always swing to the right, you should sleep in the opposite rotation.

    If you sit at a desk all day, you should sleep on your side or stomach, and give your back a rest.

  3. Add Sleeping Accessories

    A firm mattress is generally better for your body in terms of pain. You want a mattress that doesn’t fold under your weight.

    If you have back pain but you can’t help but sleep on your back, try to add a pillow under your lower back and under you knees.

Above all, pay attention to the way you sleep, because it affects your pain levels throughout the day. Apply Muscle Butter before bed to help treat your pain and reduce inflammation.