5 Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss


Weight loss is super complicated and works differently for everyone. But, there are a couple ways that are proven to help you lose weight faster.

Here are Muscle Butter USA team’s tips for speeding up weight loss:

1. Drink more water

Super simple. Replace drinks like soda and fruit drinks with water to reduce calorie intake. Other sugary drinks include sweetened coffee, alcohol, and energy drinks. Drinking water instead can save you hundreds of calories.

When you feel hungry, try drinking some water first. Sometimes, we can confuse thirst for hunger.

2. Stop eating processed foods

Before you eat something, ask yourself two things: 1) is it convenient? 2) does it have a long shelf life?

If the answers are yes, it’s processed food.
Processed foods are full of chemicals, unnecessary calories, and are low in nutrients. Cut these foods out to speed up weight loss.
3. Get your NEAT up
NEAT stands Non-Excercise Activity Thermogenesis, which means all of the movement that you that’s not part of your official workout. This includes activities like walking around the house, taking the stairs, or standing up while working instead of sitting down.
Make small changes to increase your overall calorie burn and speed your weight loss.
4. Consider your cravings

When you’re craving foods that aren’t so healthy, ask yourself why. Do you crave candy when you’re tired? Do you crave potato chips when you’re bored? If you realize this pattern, you could figure out ways to combat these feelings without food (other than when you’re hungry, then you should definitely eat something).

5. Embrace strength training

Strength training, or weight training, helps you maintain results. As you build muscle, your metabolism will increase. This equates to burning more calories, and help you loose weight faster. When you’re weight training, make sure to use Muscle Butter USA for stiff and sore muscles to ease pain and provide relief.