3 Exercises You Shouldn’t Skip If You’re Skinny

If your goal is to add size, you shouldn’t be neglecting the small muscle groups in your body. We know that it’s tempting to just copy major bodybuilders, but you should start from the basics.

After working out, you should also be applying Muscle Butter USA to sore muscles to help rebuild them.

Here are 3 exercises for our skinny friends:

1. Squat
If you’re going to the gym and working out to build muscle, you might as well hit as many muscles as you possibly can. Squats recruit your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. That’s basically your entire lower body in just one exercise.
Try and get as low as you can, and try squat variations like the Olympic back squat, the low bar back squat, the front squat, and the searcher squat.
2. Deadlift
The deadlift is like the squat, but for your upper body. Same concept applies: one exercise, as many muscles as possible. Deadlifts work the hamstrings, glutes, lower back, lateral muscles, and upper back.
Get your form down—don’t round your lower back, and add weight slowly.
3. Incline Bench Press
So with the squat and deadlift exercising all those muscles, the only 3 left are the chest, triceps, and front deltoids. Leave it to the incline bench press.
This exercise can definitely cause a lot of tendon inflammation, so make sure to use Muscle Butter USA if you’re in a pain.